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Suicide At The Edge Of Breakthrough

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11 March 2014

BreakthroughThe world is bleeding and burdened with insurmountable problems. Many homes have become desolate as a result of preventable disease. Many children are in the orphanage homes because of the self inflicted problems and recklessness of others. Many children became permanently disabled because of the self-centeredness of their parents. The government is expending billions of dollars on avoidable diseases and self inflicted problems.

Statistics indicate that smoking related diseases are the major killers in the countries of the world. Alcoholism has its own share of tragic deaths on our highways every year.  It also has a deadly effect in the lives of the babies that alcoholic parents are bringing into this world. These babies have already been turned into jelly-minded individuals because of the uncontrollable alcohol consumption of their parents before and during pregnancies. Some of the offspring of the alcoholic parents are neither living nor dead. They become problems to themselves, to the community and also to their wicked parents who were living their own reckless lives of enjoyment at the expense of the life of their baby. I was watching a documentary recently where some were discussing the evil of abortion. One previous medical personnel of an abortion clinic lamented that he was performing on the average of 45 to 50 abortions per day before he finally realized the evil he had been doing to humanity. If a doctor could credit 50 abortions to himself each day, imagine the number of babies these licensed baby-butchers are killing each day all over the world. AIDS is more or less permanently living with mankind today. The death toll of this deadly disease is on the increase world-wide.  Again, we must face cancer that eats man up alive and rots human muscles and delicate organs.

In the meditation of King David of the Bible, he said, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2) Could it be said that God is no longer sensitive to the perennial problems of mankind? To this question, I say, No! God has foreseen the problems of mankind and in his faithfulness has been providing an adequate antidote. But our attitude towards his merciful intervention tends to tell God, “We do not want your help.” Divinity had smiled to humanity but our self-centeredness has been frustrating the divine hands of merciful God.  Daily, we kill the solutions when we put pleasure before the precepts of God that sternly warn us against the destructive and innumerable consequences associated with an adulterous life. We poison the solution to the problems of humanity when we give consent to a medical doctor to turn our wombs into the slaughter house of unborn babies and suck the life out of the babies in our wombs. Gradually, we put a noose around the neck of the answer human problems if we do not see anything wrong in drinking and drug usage while pregnant or while breast feeding our babies. We participate in murdering the solution with our addictive smoking that render our lungs weak thereby preparing them to become the comfort zone of cancerous cells to the detriment of our health.  You or the other non-smoking person who inhales the deadly poison may likely pass away before realizing the purpose of God’s in your lives. I want you to realize that we are the ones that turn our backs against the heavenly help of the benign Father when we live reckless lives or use our body against the will of God.

I want you to understand that this is an appeal to the sense of reasoning of the appreciative minded world and is explicitly not intended to be a megaphone of a pro-choice or anti-smoking campaign. This is a reality of life and it is also the mind of God concerning the way you use your life. If the mother of Bill Gates had consented to the killing of baby Bill when he was in her womb, the breakthrough of information technology would have been flushed into sewage system with his remains. Our lives would have not been changed by the availability of the internet. His software company affected the entire globe and revolutionized communication.  Human beings are never far away from each other.  Companies run their offices more efficiently and profitably.  Information is disseminated through the general populace better and faster, thereby increasing learning skills and the understanding of the world around us. If Billy Graham had engaged in alcoholism and thereby lost his mind or lost his life in the consequences associated with alcoholism, he would not have become an anchorman of salvation of our time. Many have found the righteous path of life through the way this servant of God used his precious talent to advance the kingdom of God.

Who knows whether the bearer of breakthrough cure of cancer disease died few years ago in the abortion clinic and the whole world still seeks the face of God for replacement.  Please do not ignorantly and selfishly participate in killing another. Who knows whether the innocent person that was endowed with the cure of the dreadful AID diseases and was at the edge of his breakthrough when the drunk driver knocked him off at his prime age? Please do not carelessly and erroneously kill another solution. Perhaps you are wondering what must have led to my imagination, the following anecdote will provide the answer.

A young Nigerian, Mr. Kanu Nwankwo of 1996 Centennial Olympic Soccer Star was diagnosed with a serious heart problem immediately after the Centennial events. The young Kanu, who was just stepping into the soccer limelight with the entire world before him, was downcast. He had to choose between living the rest of his life with the weak aorta and forget his soccer career or face heart surgery to correct the problem. In order for him to decide on the best professionally qualified surgeon to perform the delicate operation, a careful investigations of good heart surgeons was made. The opinion of the doctors sampled recommended that Dr. Little (name withheld) is a force to reckon with in the circle of heart surgeon. Reputation pointed him out as one of the best heart surgeons in the world. Dr. Little of Cleveland Clinic Foundation was a powerful, charismatic and unassuming individual. His professional background revealed him as a man of integrity who is always in the business of saving lives everyday. He was said to be performing 10-15 heart operations in a week. As powerful and flamboyant as Dr. Little is, in the medical world, he was also noted for the simple life he lives. The doctor did a marvelous job and Kanu had since returned to the active soccer career because of what God used the doctor to accomplish in his life.

Suppose Dr. Little, the surgeon who performed the heart operation of Kanu Nwankwo, had been plagued with any of the self-inflicted social problems of our time. Definitely, the excellent solution to the heart problem of Kanu would not have been there when his entire soccer carrier is hanged on the medical expertise of this amiable heart surgeon. It is obviously needless to say that Dr. Little profited with his talents.

We often think that whatever we do with our body or ourselves is not the business of anybody. This may be true in the narrow sense of pride. I believe that these types of people do not understand this situation from the point of view of God. According to God’s timing and His divine plan, we are here on earth to touch the inhabitants of the earth with our potentials, our time, life, wisdom, knowledge and everything that God had given us in order that the earth may become a better place to live in. It is my prayer that that God may open the eyes of their understanding.

I want you to understand today that your life and the way you live for the rest of your life, whether happily or otherwise, depends on and compliments the lives of others. Consequently, whatever you do to your body or your life is affecting the lives of others even if you are not sensitive enough to know. Your life is one of the proverbial gifts of talent mentioned in the parable of Jesus Christ. It is a precious gift and whatever you do with it is a gift, in return, onto God. It is also an indication of your appreciation or ingratitude, as the case may be, unto God. Let us understand today that every one of us will give account of what we have done with our lives, our talents, our wisdom and our knowledge in the presence of God at last. Ask yourself this soul searching question everyday before you sleep, “Have I justified the gift of life given to me righteously for the glory of God today?” If not, the window of mercy is still open and you still have abundant room for repentance. The day of reckoning is near!


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