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I believe in the Bible

Published on:

23 March 2014


I believe in the Bible
The self-anointed word of God
It is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path

It is given by inspiration of God
It is profitable for doctrine and reproof
It’s marvelous for instruction in righteousness
And a thorough equipment for good works

I am saved by the word
I am justified by the word
 I am transformed by the word
And I am sanctified by the word

I behold the world through light of the truth
I meditate upon the wisdom of the truth
I live in the revealed knowledge of the truth
To proclaim the understanding of the truth

I have seen the glorious light of the word
I will never grope in the world of darkness
I will never dwell in the world of ignorance
I will always relish in the wealth of the word

For ever and ever, Amen

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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