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Burden Bearer

Published on:

7 April 2014


They are hardly free of loads, male and female. They go out in the morning with loads and return later in the day with loads. Some carry heavier loads and some are with lighter ones. They go with what they may need and what they don’t. Different categories of people carry different categories of burden. The school children bear the burden of their school bags. They run with bag strapped on their backs. The articulate lawyers are with the burden of legal files under their arms. The elegant executives are burdened with the briefcases that contain proposals and decisions. The medical doctors are with their stethoscope because they don’t know where they may need to apply their medical skills and the nurses are not left out, their own burden is the first-aid-kits. The technicians create room for hammer, pliers and screwdriver round their waist in case of emergency repair. The list is endless.

A brief stay at New York Grand Central Subway entrance reveals this great lesson of life. They are emerging from the entrance with bags and they are going in with bags. Some are pushing their load in the hand-truck, some hang it on their necks and yet some balance loads on their two hands. The bag industries hardly file bankruptcy proceedings because of these burden bearers. Hardly can you see a woman without a burden, if she is not carrying her baby stroller she will be carrying shopping bags, or at least she will be carrying her purse. I begin to wonder, “Where are we going with all these burdens?” Some, I thought, are seeking for knowledge, some seek for money, some for power and some, on the other hand, fame.

The way we are bearing the burden of literal bags of our needs the same way most of us are over-weighed with burden of our thoughts. Amidst our struggles and efforts, we encounter success, failures and defeats. We carry this burden from our experiences in the past to what tomorrow will bring. Some are elated with the joy of success, some are down with the burden of loss and some are engulfed with the burden of care.

The pains of these heavy burdens keep us awake in the middle of the night. Some engage in alcoholism to ease the pain of the burden. Some thought that hiding the pain in the temporary bliss experienced in drug usage will provide relief, but they are wrong. They always come back to pick up the miserable luggage.

Some may run the race of their lives with these burdens but are unable to attain the desired goal. Some on the other hand may attain the goal but at the climax of their success the luggage of death may be awaiting them. The kings are dying and paupers are passing away. The great men are dying, the down trodden are not left out. Aged citizens are dying, so also are the babies. No one is exempted. Is the burden and struggle of life worth it? Is the effort justified in the end? Are the cares of this world and burdens we bear worth it? Then we come to the saying of the wise man in the Bible, “vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” Where are you going, son of man? Where will your destination be? Whatever may be the number of your years on earth, you are like a beautiful flower that appears in the morning, blossoms in the noonday and withers in the evening time.

Have you ever considered that the eagle that soars in the sky is free of burden? The eagle that bears the burden of its prey will not go far and cannot soar with the prey. The same goes for you, son of man. You have to be free from the burden of worldliness; the burden of cares and the burden of sin so that you can soar like an eagle. Do you know that you can be free from the unwanted burdens? Do you know that you can be free from the burdensome life and soar like an eagle spiritually? “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36) Jesus says, “Come unto me all ye that labor and heavy ladden, I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) The Bible went further in 1 Peter 5:7, “Casting ALL you cares upon Him for He careth for you.” Jesus Christ is our Burden Bearer. Why don’t you roll off all the burdens of your life and lay them at His feet today? You can rest in perfect peace in Christ Jesus without dying. You can start that beautiful rest today by repenting of your sins and enter into contract of salvation with Jesus Christ so that you can partake in the finished work of the Cross. For this purpose He had come that you may have life and may have it more abundantly. Even if the future seems to be bleak, and there seems to be a cloud of confusion around you, amidst trials and tribulations of your life, Jesus Christ can make the difference. Seek His face today and enter the joy of salvation of the Lord.

Please read the following Bible passages

Ecclesiastics 1:2; 5:15; Psalms 103:15-16;
Luke 21:34; Isaiah 40:7-8; I Peter 1:24


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