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Christ’s Response to Faith

Published on:

2 May 2014

Christ's response to faith
MEMORY VERSE: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

TEXT: Luke 17:11-19; 18:35-43

When we are considering the topic, “Christ’s Response to Faith,” the first thing that readily comes to mind is the profile of the Son of God. We thank God for His grace because Jesus Christ does not need any introduction to us because most of us are born-again children of God.

  • Christ is the source and center of our blessing, and the solution to our situations.
  • The lives of every believer revolve around our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • He is the reason for our salvation, he is the reason for our gathering before the throne of Grace this morning
  • He is our Advocate before our Heavenly King, interceding for us
  • The Merciful God mercifully beholds humanity through the blood of Jesus Christ
  • Christ is the Father to all believers

We choose to touch on the profile of Jesus Christ to prove one important principle when we are talking about faith. The principle is: “Jesus Christ is able, and He is abundantly able.”


Reading the account of the healing of the lepers, something attracted my attention, in verse 14, “And when he saw them.” Grammatically we can say this is a redundant statement. But it is deeper than that. These ten lepers in unison lifted their voices, and said, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us. Jesus Christ saw something Jesus saw ten people that He had created perfectly but now in a state of hopelessness. He saw the ten that had been locked in the prison of sorrow and despair. He saw ten in loneliness that had completely alienated and isolated them from the society because of their situations. He saw ten men that would have established their own families but could not because of their debilitating sickness. He saw ten that did not have the opportunity to come to the Synagogue of Judaism every week to hear the word of God. Yet these ten only heard that Jesus Christ the Healer was in their vicinity. They did not allow the moment to pass them by. They summed up courage, broke the barriers of the situational gates of their sickness, and with one accord cried and pleaded for mercy of the Able Son of God. They shouted, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us! Jesus Christ saw their faith, and He responded to their faith and said, “Go and show yourselves to the High Priest”

Please note, that the leper did not ask for healing. When mercy of God is in operation, wholeness of God that will take care of both physical, spiritual and emotional needs of man is released. Between the prayerful cry of the lepers and the response of Christ, “Go and show yourselves to the priest” certain thing happened. Faith of the lepers touched the heart of Jesus Christ, and mercy of Christ prevailed over their situations to reveal the miracles of healing and glory to the Heavenly King. Your faith will touch the heart of God in Jesus name


Mr Bartimaeus was a blind man. He always sat by the highway begging for his daily living. He was at this spot on this faithful day and unusual large crowd were passing by him. Obviously he must have asked people, What is going on? He was told that Jesus Christ the son of God was passing by. Immediately, he became excited. He changed the tone of begging. He stopped asking for quarters and dime. He stopped begging for left-over food. He stopped begging for used clothes. Blind Bartimaeus beheld the Healer with his eyes of faith. He cried out ceaselessly, and say, “Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” The crowd that were passing by told him to keep quiet, but Mr. Bartimaeus will not hold his peace. He continued fervently until Jesus Christ heard him.

Jesus Christ stood still. The faith of the blind man attracted Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Creator of the universe, and He stood still. Why? The blind man had never seen anyone healed by Jesus Christ before. But the good news of Divine abilities of Jesus Christ to heal the blind is enough for Mr. Batimaeus. He did not let the moment to pass him by. He did not allow the intimidating discouragement of the crowd to deter him from receiving his blessing. He did not let the almost impossible nature of his need to discourage him. Jesus Christ commanded that the blind should be brought to Him. Mr. Batimaeus did something spectacular that confirmed his faith. He cast away his garment. We may look at it literarily, that he threw away his beggar uniform, because he would not need it anymore. But spiritually, it is deeper than that. It means that he cast away garment of shame and reproach in the presence of his Creator, because Jesus Christ was about to enrobe him with garment of deliverance, garment of honor and garment of break-through.


In the present economic of the world, money is the means of exchange. That is why the Ecclesiastes 10:19, “…money answereth all things.” In the spiritual realm, faith is the means of exchange. Faith is the spiritual currency of the believers. That is why Hebrews 11:6 tells us that “Without faith it impossible to please God.” The blind man saw healing afar of with the eyes of faith, he sought for it eagerly and prayerfully with a right attitudes and he received his breakthrough.

  • Attitudes and character of faith—Matthews 8:8-10, 13—Jarius humility mingled with faith
  • Quickening Action of faith—Matthew 9:20-22—Woman with the issue of blood
  • Persistence of faith—Mark 10:48—Blind Bartimaeus persistently shouting and praying
  • Pleasantness of faith—Matthews 15:26-28—Pleasant faith of Siro-Phonician woman
  • Instantaneous timing of faith—Joshua 10:12—Sun stood on Gibeon, moon in the valley of Ajalon
  • Precise and simple request of faith—Lepers asked for mercy, blind asked for sight
  • Guaranteed Assurance of answer through faith–John 14:14

Bro. Chucks Ezewuchie was a physically challenged blind man. One day in August 2004, he came to our fellowship, in Nigeria House, New York. He spelt faith in one sentence in such a way that it became difficult for me to doubt the power of God.

F – Friend–God a Father who is our Friend
A – Ability–God a Father who is able to do all things
I – Interest–God a Father who has our interest in His heart
T – Trustworthy–God a Father who is trustworthy
H – Help–God a Father who is always available to help us

In one sentence he put the words together to drive home his point, and he said, “We have a Father who is our Friend, who is Able, who is Interested in our life, who is Trustworthy and ready to Help us.” Then he asked, “Why can’t we simply believe in our Heavenly Father, God Almighty!”

Let us pray—If you are doubting whether your prayer will be answered or not before, remember that God is your Father and Friend, He has Ability, He is interested in your life, He is a Trustworthy Father and Friend, He is always ready to Help you. He will surely answer our prayer if we put our trust up him.


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