Tame Your Tongue

Tame Your Tongue

A little member a powerful destroyer
Tongue is product of your reasoning
It is the trigger of your boastful spirit
It launches the missile of your mind

Plant does not bear two different fruits
But tongue bears both good and evil fruits
Tongue brings forth guile and honey together
The tongue can build and can tear down

Good proceeds out of man’s tongue
Word of peace that sooths the heart
Word of praises that appreciates the Creator
Word of grace that is seasoned with salt

Evil proceeds out of man’s tongue
Word of war that destroys the soul
Word of hate that sows seed of discord
Word of curse that demolishes generation

Difficult to control but still subjects to man
Let not your tongue run to bring your ruin
Tame your tongue to pray and praise
Culture your tongue to counsel in grace

By Michael A. Eleyinafe
Written during DLBC December Retreat 2008

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