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Chinese Recipe

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26 October 2022

Chinese Recipe

I learnt that if a Chinese family invites you to a dinner and after eating their delicious food, you do not burp graciously, they will feel uneasy. They will probably think that you do not enjoy the food or whether they have not satisfied you with their delicacies. Whether this statement is true, I don’t know and it does not really matter. What I know and have experienced is that whenever we finish a meal, normally and involuntarily, we burp. At times, at the table before we get off. We often try to suppress it somehow by covering our mouths, so that we do not irritate the person sitting beside us.

Have you ever wondered why this involuntary phenomenon always occurs after a meal and not before? The reason may not be far-fetched. Perhaps our alimentary canal is simply saying “thank you” for the supply of delicious food at the right time. And we always feel a deep relief when this happens.

The Bible described King David as a man after God’s heart because he knew how to seek the face of Almighty God with praises. I believe this was the reason God dealt kindly with him in His mercy. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that there is power in praising the Lord. The wall of Jericho with its 32 feet high and 12 feet thick and outer wall six feet thick fell down flat like a deck of cards when the children of God were praising Him.

The birds sing as they float in the air. When the cool breeze blows on the trees they make a happy rustlings sound. When the tidal wave of the sea hits the seashore with such an explosion of clap it was for the adoration of where God had sojourned it. When the goat, the most stubborn of all domestic animals, wakes up in the morning, it would scratch the ground with its foreleg and would vertically look up skyward and open its teeth. This animal is not laughing at the blue sky. I believe it is praising God for another day.

In the city we live, “the Babylon of our time” we need to praise God for every second of His presence in our life for His unending manifestation of mercy and divine protection. Especially in this city where people who wake up in the morning to behold the beauty of the day cannot boast of living through it to see the fall of the night, amidst the natural and unnatural disasters that abounds out there. We need to praise Him for the breath of life He gave us every second. Imagine, if we are to pay for the oxygen that fill our lungs every moment, how much would it cost us? Freely we received this from the Heavenly Father, and it has never been in short supply.

A Scottish author and preacher, George Matheson (1842-1906), who was blind, expressed this prayer: “I have thanked Thee a thousand times for my roses, but never once for my ‘thorn’. . . Teach me the glory of my Cross; teach me the value of my ‘thorn.’ Show me that I have climbed to Thee by the path of pain. Show me that my tears have made my rainbow.” We are to praise Him not only when we have story of victory to tell, but also in our afflictions and defeats, we need to appreciate Him having known that His grace is sufficient for us.

We need to praise Him for the gift of eternal life He has given us through His only begotten Son, who set aside His glory in Heaven, and came to this world to take on the nature of man in order to provide a lasting solution to the problems of humanity. We need to live a life worthy of appreciation of His love for us by obediently living each day according to His precepts because He took us out of the darkness of this world and through salvation He brought us into His marvelous light. We are grafted to the covenant of Abraham by the grace of salvation. And we are joint-heir with Him. We can call Abba Father with assurance that our prayer will receive His divine attention.

King David knew God, he acknowledged and praised Him. The birds in the air and the animals in the field recognize Him as their creator and they pay their homage to Him appreciatively in a way only known to these creatures. Nature is not left out, it paints the universe with colors of praises in His honor and we are all witnesses to the beauty of its appearance. What about you, the son of man? What happened to the nature of appreciation which was created in you when God created you in His own image at the beginning?. You have to know Him in order to praise Him accordingly. The Bible says, “I am the way, the truth and live, no man come to the Father except through me.” You have to seek Him through the knowledge of His only begotten Son, because He is the living sacrifice that reconciles us to the Father. If you have not accepted the salvation that was made free for you, it means you are still in the clutches of Satan and you cannot appreciatively acknowledge the Father and worship Him.

Whenever you burp after your meal remember the beckoning of His love as this appreciative exposition has revealed to you and seek His face in reconciliation.

 At your leisure time please read the following Bible passages

Joshua 6:20; Isaiah 44:23; Isaiah 55:12; Isaiah 49:13;
Psalm 148:3-4;Psalm 69:34; Psalm 96:11-12; Psalm 98:8


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