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Waiting To Excel

Published on:

24 March 2023

Waiting to Excel
Can you recollect the last time you were expecting an important visitor? Can you recollect the preparations you made to receive the visitor? Do you remember the meticulous cleaning of every nook and corner of your dwelling place, the rearrangement of the furniture and the wardrobe? All the changing of the window curtains, cleaning the garbage and the bathroom. The kitchen was not left out and the living room floor was polished to shine. You put on your best dress and your best look and waited for the doorbell to ring.

Ten virgins were waiting to meet the bridegroom. Only five entered with him. The other five could not. The Bible described the fortunate five as wise and the unfortunate five as foolish. Both the wise and foolish virgins had a common mission but they had different approaches and goals.

The fortunate virgins were different. The wise virgins, like prize-winning athletes, ran their races with prepared minds leaving no stone unturned and their focus was on the prize. They were eager to meet the bridegroom and patiently they waited for him. They recognized the groom because they knew who He was. They patiently counted the cost of their calling and they stopped at nothing in obtaining their desire. They would not allow anything to stand between them and their goal. To them, that goal was valuable and precious. They were determined. They planned, they executed and they achieved their desired goal. They could not afford to let the light in their hands go out so they came prepared with enough supply of oil in their lamps and jealously guarded it until the bridegroom came.

The foolish virgins, on the other hand, were carelessly prepared and were completely indifferent about winning a prize. They were foolish in that they were not prudent as expected; and they did not demonstrate required responsibilities in their calling. They only made numbers, which was why they took their calling nonchalantly. They lacked focus and their vision became cloudy. They simply could not stand in the gap and could not occupy till he come. Because of these failures, their desired result could not be achieved as it contradicts with the principle of sowing and reaping.

Examine yourself today in order to know where you fall among these two camps. As the second hand of your wristwatch ticks by, the closer you are to the coming of the King, the spotless bridegroom, who is our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you prepared to meet Him if He should come today? Have you known and recognized Him as your Lord and personal Savior? Do you realize and appreciate the love behind His death on the Cross for you? Do you appreciate the preciousness of the blood that was shed for your salvation? If your candle light is not on the lamp-post where everybody can see it or if you did not lay before Him everything (yourself and your potentialities) to be used for His glory as a vessel unto honor, you need to take a second look at the Cross today. We must be living everyday of our lives in preparation, by cleaning the garbage of our hearts, rearranging the priorities of our lives and let the King have preeminence in all things, in holiness and righteousness. We need to live everyday as if there will be no tomorrow, faithfully and patiently waiting to excel before the bridegroom. Have you ever asked yourself, “Will there be any star in my crown?” Think and reflect upon your life today! May God bless you, Amen.

Please read the following Bible passages:

Ecclesiastes 9:12; Matthew 24:38-51; Matthew 25:1-10; Revelation 19:7


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