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Song of Penitent Sinner

Published on:

15 October 2023

I once walked in the world, in sinful journey of life.
Wanton, selfish life lived, who dare challenge my way.
In wickedness I operate, In rude anger I speak.
I reflect my way today, O Lord forgive my sins.

I wish I can undo all wrongs, and live acceptable life.
Heal souls that I have hurt, extend loving kindness.
Humble self before the Lord, do His blessed will.
I make a U-turn today, O Lord redeem my soul.

I wish to be Your spokesman to the erring sinners.
That will lead them to bright light of Your glory divine.
I’ll seek Your face with pleading, for their souls to revive.
I will walk in your foot-step, O Lord give me a voice.

I wish to worship my Lord, with melody in my heart.
To sing His glory and praises, Honor Him in Heaven above.
Equip me with Your power, anoint my humble tongue.
Accept my peaceful offering, O Lord give me a song.

By Michael A. Eleyinafe—July 27, 2017 at Gould Memorial Library,
Bronx Community College NY


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