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He Is Coming Back

Published on:

24 October 2023

Experience the bright light
Of gospel divine
Wondering ‘bout beauty of grace
The pain of death on Cross
Love that brought us in
Simply pleased

Yielding in repentance
Reject strange voices
Drawing close to His bosom
Embrace His salvation
And the joy thereof
Simply thrilled, And will fly away!

    Out of the darkness and into the light
    Immaculately cleansed by the blood of the Lamb
    Faith by grace, Walk in love, Rest on faith
    I’ll fly away

    With all my power I’ll cling to the Cross
    I’ll do all to value the beauty of grace
    Faith by grace, Walk in love, Rest on faith
    I’ll fly away

A day is certain
He is coming back
Shall we all then be ready?
To be raptured
At the trumpet sound
What great day!

Yes He’s coming
Son of God in cloud
The King of Kingdom of God
Coming in His glory
To judge sinful world
On His way! And will fly away!

Lord Jesus is coming back,
With thousands of His angels
His Glorious appearance and blessedness
Son of Man in glory, In the cloud!
On His way, On His way


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