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Upon The Cross

Published on:

16 November 2023

Upon the Cross,
The prophesies of old manifested.
Reality of the new became unfolded.

Upon the Cross,
Love was appealing towards the sinners.
Hatred of the persecutor was repelling.

Upon the Cross,
Divinity love mercifully encountered humanity hatred,
Helpful hand of God met the hopeless situation of mankind.

Upon the Cross,
The hands that created the universe were surrendered in crucifixion.
Christ yielded to the will of God to be our exchange in substitution.

Upon the Cross,
Mercy and compassion of God prevailed, when Christ prayed.
“Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”

Upon the Cross,
Christ unleashed a shout in agony, “It is finished!”
And His Mission of Mercy was accomplished.

Upon the Cross
Believers are grafted to the covenant of love of God.
And our spiritual adoption was sealed with His precious blood.

Upon the Cross,
The Salvation exchange became real and perfect.
Eternity gate became opened to repented sinners.

Upon the Cross,
Let Christ have His way in your life,
To make a difference in your eternity.

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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