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Walk With Grace

Published on:

23 November 2023

Walk in the precepts of God.
The earth is not design for stagnation.
Earth orbits on its axis round about the Sun.
Moon orbits on its axis round about the Earth.
Man must walk on the chosen ordinance of God.

Walk diligently to discover your potential and wealth.
Every diligent and tenacious walker thrives on earth.
Gold and diamond are precious earthly treasures.
Only the diligent walkers dig into the ground.
To unearth the hidden riches of the earth.

Walk to develop and improve your future.
Ant is a great walker and a great worker.
That is why it is ever fit and never lacks.
It searches for its provision in summer.
And enlarges its store house in autumn.

Walk to discern and dominate the earth,
Man is a precious investment of God on Earth,
Man is the eyes of God and hope of God for Earth.
Our feet the anchor of God for messages of salvation.
In a giant stride, walk in faith to gather the harvest of glory.

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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