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Aquila and Pricilla

Published on:

21 December 2023


Aquila was accurate, Pricilla was precisely.
Aquila met Pricilla in the journey of life,
They tied the knot in one holy union.
Aquila was a good husband,
Pricilla was a humble wife.

Aquila accurate, Pricilla precisely.
Accurately one in love,
Precisely one in the Lord.
Accurately one in faith,
Precisely one in common goal.

Aquila accurate, Pricilla precisely.
Accurately were they convinced of the truth,
They were converted to one true salvation.
Precisely they were committed to the truth,
They were consecrated to one Lord of truth.

Aquila accurate, Pricilla precisely.
They were united in faith,
Accurately taught Apollo about Christ.
They were united in fellowship,
Precisely faithful co-workers with Paul.

Aquila accurate, Pricilla precisely.
You can be accurately in love like Aquila,
And invite Christ in your marriage.
You can be precisely in submission like Pricilla,
And subdue pride in your holy union.

Aquila accurate, Pricilla precisely.
Careless husbands and wives take a warning,
The kingdom of God is not a hit or miss.
You have to be accurately faithful in the Lord,
In order to precisely be in the mansion above!

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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