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Lazarus at Your Gate

Published on:

4 January 2024

His sore is painful, His countenance is awful.
Physically he is sore, mentally he is tortured.
His empty stomach yearning for food.
His unkempt body itching for care.
Hopelessness is the order of his every day.
“Life is tough,” the poor cry aloud.

The poor are crying but the rich are impassive.
Wretched countenance is the cry of poor.
Repulsive oozing odor is the cry of poor.
With pan in hand Lazarus begged for food.
With handkerchief the rich covered their noses.
Some waved away the poor to go unattended.

Not all Lazarus have sore on their bodies.
The sore of some are concealed in their hearts.
The sorrow of some bring tears to their eyes.
Confusion is part of their daily living.
“Life is tough,” the poor cry aloud,
As they settled each day for the crumbs.

Lazarus is the ministry of the rich man.
The rich is an appointed minister for the needy.
He is rich because Lazarus was poor,
To be God’s hand of fellowship to the poor.
To bring hope to the hopeless Lazarus,
To be the voice of comfort when the poor is down.

Some made Lazarus out of their loving parents.
Too weak to work means too weak love they get.
They bundled them to nursing home because they are old.
They subjected them to the care of home attendant,
Their wrinkled eyes shed sorrowful tears in their old age.
“Life is hard,” the poor parents cry in despair.

Lazarus will die and the rich man will die.
The eyes of both of them will be opened in eternity.
If you sow in love on earth, you will reap love in eternity.
The poor are still crying: are the rich listening?
If you do not listen to the cry of the poor,
Your cry will receive no answer.

Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor,
he too shall cry out and receive no answer. (Proverbs 21:13)

by Michael A. Eleyinafe


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