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Disqualified Plowman

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24 January 2024

Ploughing is very essential to farming. We need to understand that dictionary revealed that ‘plow’ and ‘plough’ means the same thing. Plowing is the process of tilling and turning the ground  before a farmer can plant his seed in it. He will not be able to properly apply fertilizer if the ground is not ploughed. There are different kinds of ploughing. There is wooden plough that is manually handled to turn the soil. There is also horse driven ploughing still requiring a man to hold the plough iron to the ground while the horse drag it on to turn the soil. And finally, there is machine driven plough that a farmer can drive through his farm to plough the ground. This is one of the mechanized devices for farming.

One thing is unique to all the three ploughing methods, whoever is ploughing always look forward directionally. This is partly to concentrate to ensure that the soil is properly turned around, and also to ensure that the furrows of the farming land is straight and not wobbling. If the ploughing process is crooked, it will affect the process of seedling during the planting season if a mechanized device is used for planting. So also it will affect harvesting during the harvest time, especially if the farmer is using mechanized harvesting device.

Having considered the reasons why farmer must pay detail attention to ploughing processes, you will now appreciate the statement of our Lord Jesus Christ in the book Luke, when he said, “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62) Looking back in the statement of Jesus Christ is not in the physical quick gazing at the back by the ploughing farmer, this is about spiritual backsliding. It means after tasting the sweetness in serving and worshiping God, it is will amount to spiritual foolishness to go back to the world. Better still, it is not wise to trade ones salvation for the things that perishes with the world.

Demas, a co-worker with Apostle Paul followed the worldly attractions, he never recovered spiritually. “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world.” 2 Timothy 4:10 King Solomon had a beautiful spiritual beginning with God. He was endowed with unparalleled wisdom. He built the famous Solomon Temple that was considered one of the wonders on earth. He led the entire nation of Israel to the temple of God at the dedication of the Temple. He prayed one of the most intelligent prayers ever made by man. Although King Solomon was not a priest nor a prophet, God answered the prayer of Solomon with fire. The same king fell from his enviable spiritual height and ended his life as an idolater serving the idol god of Chemos. (1 Kings 11:6-8) Do we need to mention Judas Iscariot, one of the chosen twelve disciples of Jesus Christ who sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver?

These are the examples of a disqualified ploughman who looked back after putting his hands on the plough. It is the desire of our Merciful Father in Heaven to start our Christian journey with Him on the platform of righteousness and holiness, and be consistent in the journey so that we may end our eternity journey in His presence. We cannot afford to look back so that we will not be disqualified like, Judas Iscarot, Demas and King Solomon because it was a disastrous expedition for the failure of these once-upon-a-time men of God. A word of wisdom has come to you today, do not look back in your Christian life journey. Purpose it in your mind to make it a forward ever and backward never decision.

Prayer: O Lord, hold my hands Heavenly Father in this dreary journey of life. Help me I plead Father, to be faithful, stable and consistent in my Christian life journey so that I will not fail and faint on the way and thereby be disqualified spiritually in eternity at last, in Jesus name, Amen


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