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In the Wilderness Journey of Life

Published on:

25 January 2024


In the Wilderness Journey of Life,
The shepherd rods of Moses and Aaron
Became instrument of judgment,
To tame the arrogant heart of Pharaoh.
Because God uses the foolish things
To confound the wise.

In the wilderness journey of life,
The ass of Balaam became a tool of correction,
To revive a greedy servant of God,
Who loved opulence of wealth than obedience of God.
Because God will not permit the rod of the wicked,
To rest on the lot of the righteous.

In the wilderness journey of Zions,
The Ancient of Days made a highway of salvation in the sea.
At His command the bitter water of Marah became sweet.
He made a pool of drinking water out of the rock at Meribah.
The wind from His presence brought in quails in a large number.
The flowing Jordan congealed in the presence of the Ark.

In the wilderness journey of life,
There is no wilderness if God is leading the way.
In His faithfulness He fed His people with manna in the desert.
The rod of Aaron was budded and bore almond fruit,
To seal up the mouths of over-ambitious dissidents.
Because He won’t subject His servants to the reproaches of the wicked.

In the wilderness journey of life,
Whatever maybe the case the covenant of God will be fulfilled.
He will surely lead His children to the Promise Land.
The enemies of Zion will be subdued and be defeated.
The land flowing with milk and honey will be allotted,
But only the worthy children of Most High will partake in it.

You are in the wilderness journey of your life.
The righteous pace you take will determine your palace.
Some will perish in the way and some will see the land afar off.
The choices you make in the way will shape your gain.
But if you follow the leading of the Heavenly Father,
He will surely take you to the Promise Land.

Copyright © 2014 by Michael A. Eleyinafe


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