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What Do You Say, Jesus?

Published on:

8 February 2024

What say you

An adulterous woman was caught pant-down in the shameful act.
Her little hands covered her face but not her naked bosoms.
Obviously she was ashamed of her ignoble womanhood.
In penitent humility she repented her sins.
But her captors ignored her plea.

Sinners dragged sinner to the presence of Righteous God.
With one stone, they thought they will kill two birds.
They thought they had Jesus where they wanted Him.
‘They would accused Jesus and also stone the sinner,’
“What do you say, Jesus?” Alas, sinners asked the wrong question.

Jesus has answer to all the silly questions of sinners.
He knows the point of control to all uncontrollable situations.
He bent down to write on the ground.
He stood up in His righteous judgment and said,
Let the sinless person cast the first stone”

Stone still in hand the sinners looked inward.
Conscience reminded them of the ugliness of their sins.
They were found weightless in the scale of righteousness.
Beginning from the eldest they dropped their stones.
They left the penitent woman at the feet of Jesus.

The Master had spoken, “Who can resist Him?”
“Where are your accusers?” Jesus asked the woman.
“They have all gone,” she humbly said.
“Neither do I condemn you,” the Savior declared.
“Go and sin no more.” Her wretched life spared.

The mess of your life is a job schedule of the Savior.
By His word came the message of hope to the earthly.
By His stripes healing is spoken to your soul and body.
By His blood salvation is spoken to mankind.
Jesus has the final say in all your situation!

© 2006 by Michael A. Eleyinafe


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