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The Language of Your Tears

Published on:

15 February 2024

You are free to weep before God,
If the painful need arise in your life.
Your tears are products of your emotion,
That expresses your anguish and pains.
But it will be fruitless, if it does not
Express your heart’s desires in prayer.

Your tears reveals the lowliness of your spirit.
It possesses its own unique language:
That may be wrongly interpreted by man,
But clearly and solemnly communicates,
The enriching scriptural promises,
About your heart desires to God in prayer.

Be free to cry before God in your prayer.
Nothing compares with comforting arms of God.
Hannah cried seeking God’s face in prayer in Shiloh,
She was mistaken by Eli the priest to be drunk.
The Lord comforted her in His infinite mercy,
And she got Samuel for her teary prayer.

Nehemiah broke down in tears when he heard the bad news,
That the wall of the City of David was broken down.
He sought the face of God with prayer and fasting,
He humbly repented the sins of his people before God,
Heaven smiled upon the tears of Nehemiah,
The grace of rebuilding the city wall was granted him.

The seed you sow in the wetness of your tears,
Will receive the bright sunshine of heaven,
Will produce the fruit of joy and happiness,
If its sow in righteousness in your tears with prayer,
If it is supported with infallible word of God,
If you patiently wait in faith for its manifestation.

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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