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Sinner’s Life Line

Published on:

22 February 2024

Life Line

Sinner blew it but could not gather it.
Sold self so cheap in sin and lost so precious anointing.
Void of divine understanding to seek for repentance.
The sinner groped in the darkness of his ignorance.
Chained down helplessly in the fetters of sin.
Was toiling hopelessly in the ocean of sorrow,
When the Savior found the sinner.

Jesus Christ left his glory in Heaven,
And came into the world of sin because of sinners,
To set him loose so that he could find his feet.
He loved the sinner but their sins He hated.
He was going in and out with sinners,
Taught them in love about the way of Heaven,
Prepared them to retrieve their lost glory.

Jesus set the sinner loose yet their ignorance persists.
By His stripes their infirmities He healed,
Their hopes of eternal lives He raised.
 Instead of gratitude, ingrate sinners revolted.
Sinner persecuted the Lord, sinner arrested the Righteous.
Falsely accused by sinners, bluntly disowned by sinners.
Yet the mission of their salvation He did not frustrate.

Jesus was judged by the sinners,
And was crucified by the sinners.
Sinners challenged His divinity,
Sinners defended His divinity.
He died for the sinners, in-between the sinners,
And the sinner on the right hand,
Was the first to be with Him in Paradise.

At the early hour of His resurrection day,
A grateful redeemed sinner by the sepulcher,
Was the first to see Him in glory.
Jesus Christ is truly the life line,
That sinner passes from eternal death to eternal life.
Oh, the miserable ignorance of sinners
Deeply touches the heart of Merciful Father!

By Michael A. Eleyinafe


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