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The Valley Of Dry Bones

Published on:

7 March 2024

valley of dry bones

In the valley of the dry bones
Everything stood still and silent.
The bones were dried up and scattered.
Hope of life was evidently lost,
Recovery was humanly impossible.

Can these bones lives?”
The Lord God dialogued with His Servant.
“Oh Lord, Thou knoweth.
The servant responded in wisdom,
Because the situation is beyond human wisdom

Commandment went forth from the Lord
‘Prophesy upon these bones’
“O ye dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord”
The servant prophesied as God bidden him.
Divine domino effect manifested in the valley

There was noise and shaking.
As dried bones located dried bones
Divinely they were connected end to end
Sinew, flesh and skin cover the bones,
In the miraculous power of God.

The power of the Word quickened the dry bones
The dried bones heard the Word and came alive
The breath of life heard the Word and came alive
Restoration came upon the slain and came alive
Because with God all things are possible

The power of the Lord’s Word
The faith in the Lord’s Word
And obedience to the Lord’s Word
Quickened the dried bones of life
From silent stillness to glorious living.

Prayer: Oh Lord, Let the situations in my lives possess the hearing ears  and yield in obedience to the power and desire of the word of God in Jesus name. Let the divine manifestation of the mercy and compassion of God bring forth the divine intervention of God’s power in my life in Jesus name. Let the Spirit of God and His grace reveal the glory of God in my lives in Jesus name, Amen.


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