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If Gold Could Talk

Published on:

14 March 2024


If gold can talk
It will tell the story of pain,
It will tell the story of victory.
It will tell you of its coarse and ugly
appearance in the belly of mother earth.
It will tell you of the ordeal of the miners
in searching for the earthly treasure.
It will tell you of the rough time it had
in the burning furnace of goldsmith.

It will tell you of how its solid state was
turned into liquid and then back to solid
in the hand of man during purification.
It will tell you of the painful teeth
of steel brush of the smith that brought
it to its glistening shining state of beauty.
It will tell you of its tightly guarded journey
to the jewelry store in an armored car.
And finally, it will tell you of how it found
its way to the head of a king.

The journey of your life is similar
to the journey of this precious treasure.
Consider your struggles and your rough edges.
Think about the numerous pains and pangs of life.
Have you wondered how your life’s story will end?
A pleasant and blessed testimony is what I wish you.
Victory is attainable if your focus
is on our Lord Jesus Christ the Redeemer,
if holiness and righteousness is your watchword.
Beloved, walk uprightly with God in perseverance.
Your testimony will be sweetened with divine commendation.

By Michael Eleyinafe


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