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What Are You Living For?

Published on:

3 June 2024

God is keeping and protecting us wherever we are for a purpose.  Because of this important purpose, God endowed us with the grace of good health.  He did not deny us wisdom and a sound mind to perceive the world around us, to think deeply and to decide to move towards a specific direction and leaning towards a certain objective purpose. He endowed us with power to forge ahead in our conviction, bearing the difficulties and hindrances that associated with our decisions.  In this journey of life, God also provided us with grace and His help when we are approaching the bottle-necked areas of our lives

In some cases, our desired objectives may sound crazy or unheard of before, but we see ourselves gliding through every stages of our unique activities on earth. Imagine when Noah began to build an Ark.  The project sounded unintelligent to so many people of his time. Little did he know that his onerous effort will save the remnant of God’s creation.  Saul of Tarsus was an ardent persecutor of the early Christian Church.  He arrested and championed the killing of many of the saints.  At long last he encountered Jesus Christ on His way to Damascus where he was converted and became an apostle to the Gentiles. The people that had known Saul of Tarsus before he became converted might have wondered and thought that Paul was crazy to have abandoned Judaism religion and became one of the strong preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tenaciously, through thick and thin, he suffered for the cause of the salvation for the Gentiles. He became one of the hardest Christian workers of his time among the apostles of Jesus Christ and about two-third of the New Testament was written by him.  All the inspired writings of Paul became a shining light to the pathway of the would-be believers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul once upon a time made a statement, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21) Also in Romans 14:7-8, he said, “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”  You are not living for yourself! As long as the breath of life is still in you, remember and realize that God is preserving your life for an important purpose.  You are His living investment. He is also expecting precious return on His investment in your labor of love.  Perhaps you are wondering about the precious return?  Anything you stand for on earth that became a tremendous  blessing and fruitfulness to humanity is the precious return of the purpose for your living for the glory of God.

Again, the question comes to you, “What are you living for?  Living is not about waking up in the morning eating the bread during the day and sleeping during the night. Living is about transforming the earth for the benefit of humanity as you walk up and down upon it, and above all for the glory of God.

It is a fact that not all are born leaders, but some people are eagerly waiting for the giant in you to make a move in your vision so that their own purpose of living will be made manifest in the various roles they will play in contributing to your vision.  Move boldly today in your vision but ensure that you build your vision around godliness and righteousness. Make a glorious move this day and watch the mighty hands of God manifesting blessings for His glory in your righteous mission

Prayer:  O Lord, Let my life make a statement of salvation that will deliver the perishing world from their destruction in Jesus name, Amen.


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