About our Ministry

Welcome to Christ Light Bearers Ministry

It is all about our Lord Jesus Christ in this ministry. It is all about His love that brought Him to this world of misery to accomplish His Mission of Mercy for mankind.

He is the reason for our existence and the existence of all mankind on earth. The love of Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind is the foundation and building block of the Christ Light Bearers Ministry. We cannot think of any other way to show our appreciation for the gift of Salvation and His love for us than to make available our little contribution to the promulgation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Michael EleyinafePastor Michael Eleyinafe

Christ Light Bearers Ministry is a Christian Publications Ministry bringing the Gospel Light of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world. We began in February 1999, writing evangelical tracts and gradually started publishing Daily Devotionals, Daily Prayer Guide and Topical Bible Studies.

Today we have extended our efforts to include publishing several Christians Books and Christian poems as a way of reaching out to people with the knowledge of the Word of God.  We are daily adding other Christian resources that can enhance Christian growth in the knowledge of the wisdom of the Word of God.

We know there is still much we need to do. That is why we ask for your fervent prayers for this Ministry. Our prayer is that our best and the best of those who will offer their writing skills and resources to faithfully support this Ministry will be fruitful and beneficial for the Glory of God.

Our mission is to reach out to the world with the Word of God through online and printed publications.

About Our Mission