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Divine Ordinance

Not too long ago in the month of July last year, it was considerably very warm in the city of New York. The temperature was somehow high; it was in the range of 96 degrees Fahrenheit. People were really sweating. The street fire hydrant waters were open

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Gather My Pieces Together

Moment of reflection–looking into the past and project into future in order to make profitable choice about how we use our lives in such a way that glory will be given to God

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Seasoned With Salt

There are many ways of communicating. Communication is a two way traffic—from the word of mouth of one person to the response of another. In the olden days, messengers were sent on errand with the instrument of the message to deliver a long distance messages to a

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Security Consciousness

One of the reasons why we put doors in our houses is not only because of thieves but also to create a restraint that will not permit an intruder a free entrance in to our property. The intruder can be a person that may have intention to

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Putting Our Knowledge to Practice

In order that we may put our knowledge of the word of God to practice to bless others, we have provided you with an easily accessible evangelism kit that will enhance spreading of the Word of God. We have created a set of evangelical tracts in PDF format. These

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Bring Out Your Garbages

New York City is one of the cities in the Western world that experience a considerable amount of snow in the winter season every year.  When the snow falls, everyone appreciates the loveliness and beauty of the white snowflakes on the ground. This beautiful scenario of the

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Unity Strengthens Division Weakens

The EU was not always as big as it is today. When European countries started to cooperate economically in 1951, only Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands participated. These countries officially became member of European Union in 1958. Over time, more and more countries decided

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Recycle Lesson

Recycle Lesson

Whether it is slam-dunk or soft-dunk, it cannot miss the light-blue recycle bag. The recycle law has been passed and implemented. It has become part of our system. The cans and bottles of assorted sodas and juices will soon end in recycle. So also is the container that houses our merchandise during shipment. The useless and discarded household and office properties will not be exempted.

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Lean Not in Your Understanding

We have heard it several times in the course of our conversation with people—“your destiny is in your hands,” or “you are the architect of your future.” Many of us have been counselled several times, “Follow your mind,” as if the thoughtfulness of man is perfect. Whatever

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Size of Almighty God

Growing up from the farm background, when I was young, we always expressed how big our father’s farms was by the wide stretching of our arms. We did not know how to count in terms of units nor in terms of yearly output bags of corns or

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