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Christ Light Bearers Inc. is a Christian Publication Ministry that God endowed with a vision to reach out with proclamation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the entire world. Our mission is to reach out to the world with the word of God. When Jesus Christ bid the believers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15) He equipped us with the wisdom of the word and the power of Holy Spirit but left us with our own creative ways of reaching out to the world with the salvation message. We began our Internet outreach in February 1999 with one important goal—to provide positive, truth and inspirational messages of the word of God, as a better and righteous alternative to some of the unsuitable and filthy information that are available to people on the internet today. We are fully persuaded that our resourceful internet publications approach would bring the message of the gospel peacefully and powerfully to the door steps of our loved ones in order that they may partake in the finished work of the Cross. This is the way we endeavor to live up to the expectation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for helping us to touch the world with the beauty of Jesus Christ with our various publications which includes Weekly Bible Studies, Daily Devotion, Christian Video Presentations, Poetic Wisdom and various Christian Articles on the internet. We have published some Evangelical Tracts on the internet.  In addition to these we have published two series of Christian Books—‘Reflect on This’ Series and ‘Pocket Ministers Series’ to showcase some of the good things that God is doing in the ministry.

We intend that all people may see Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of our salvation and unity in the Lord. We also intend that people may behold the beauty of Jesus Christ manifesting for the glory of God in the activities on this web page. We believe that the spiritual wisdom you obtain in this website will improve your life as a Christian and will also enhance your Christian growth and activities in your local churches. Hebrew 10:25 If you have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, this is your website. If salvation means much to you and you wish that others may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, please share your spiritual insight with millions out there on this website in order to bring the perishing souls to the knowledge of salvation of Christ. You never know, your Holy Spirit filled inspirational contribution may be a lifeline that others may cling onto to the kingdom of God.

Make a difference! Be a dazzling light in the darkness of this age. We sincerely welcome your heartfelt contributions and ideas that will help us to serve the beloved of the Lord better and at the same time bring salvation at the fingertip of internet users world-wide in this information age. Thank you for the quality time you are spending to go through the materials on this website. May God bless you, Amen.

Co-Laborers in His Vineyard,
Christ Light Bearers Inc

About Our Ministry

Christ Light Bearers Ministry is a Christian publications ministry with a mission to bring the gospel light of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world. The love of Jesus Christ for mankind is the foundation and building block of Christ Light Bearers Ministry.

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